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After a couple of dismal years, log prices have finally moved in the right direction.  Some species have increased quite a bit. Log prices have been helped by the export market and prices for export logs have been high enough to support hauling logs from the Spokane area to take advantage of this market.

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If you were unfortunate enough to have your life or your property impacted by the Slide Creek Wildfire in the summer of 2010, the DNR hosted an educational meeting for landowners. They covered the "What do I do now?" questions that many landowners have after experiencing a wildfire first hand. The DNR also covered the basics of tree biology after wildfire i.e. "How do I know if my trees will live?" They also discussed the importance of using reputable contractors and foresters to help you through the timber salvage process. As well, they discussed the government cost-share programs that are available to assist people with restoring their property. I am well versed in these subjects and have direct experience with assisting landowners through the fire recovery/land rehabilitation process. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on any of these topics.